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Total cost £1850 (£1400, plus £425 for Examination Entry, and £25 for Record of Experience). The Diploma in Dental Nursing (formerly the National Certificate) Training Course – accredited by the national Examining Board, run twice a year providing outstanding dental nurse training.

National Diploma for Dental Nurses – Training Course.
There are two courses per year commencing in March and August.

To complete the comprehensive list of training opportunities we are able to offer your dental team, we are very proud to include a course, accredited by the National Examining Board for Dental Nurses (NEBDN), which prepares trainee or unqualified dental nurses to take the Diploma in Dental Nursing (formerly the National Certificate). This qualification is nationally recognised and remains the benchmark by which other training courses are measured. The course is delivered to a very high standard and the NEBDN’s Quality Assurance auditor said of this course on granting us Accreditation: “…Absolute Dental Training places assessment and feedback to both students and employers in high regard. The process and procedures showed great linkage and documents were of a high standard. This centre was a pleasure to audit.”

The course covers all areas of the Diploma in Dental Nursing syllabus from Infection Control through to Oral Surgery – and everything in between! Each subject is looked at in detail, with the emphasis on the role of the dental nurse in each situation. The course consists of weekly tutorials (6.30-8.30pm) with full lecture notes and homework activities.

The course is presented, predominantly, by its originator Diane Cox. Diane is well placed to know what it takes to pass the National Certificate having passed her own exam with a distinction. Since then, Diane has continued to enjoy a very active dental nursing career and now wishes to focus some of her attention on mentoring other dental nurses, helping them to achieve equally high (or higher) grades and therefore offering employers and patients a consistently high level of patient care. Diane has been invited to speak to local and national DCP groups on the importance of customer service skills in the dental nursing profession and her course focuses largely on the patient journey – considering the dental nurses actions from the patients perception. Diane is also an examiner for the National Certificate and National Diploma examination.

With a September or March start date, the course runs weekly for approximately 30 weeks and aims to prepare dental nurses for either the May or November exam respectively.

After starting the course in September 2010 I sat the National exam in May 2011 and passed first time. Diane is a friendly, approachable tutor and I knew I could contact her at any time if i needed help. The course was delivered clearly and was easy to understand in a relaxed environment . Regular module tests and mock exams gave me all the preparation I needed to sit the exam. I enjoyed the course and would recommend it to other trainee dental nurses.


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