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What does Mouthwash actually do?

If you, like me, have ever found yourself in the supermarket dazzled by a psychedelic technicolor kaleidoscopic array mouthwash bottles, have you ever stopped to wonder whether you actually need it? And do they really work? Many mouthwashes claim to combat common oral health problems like bad breath, cavities and acid erosion, but can a […]

E Cigarettes; Long term dental issues?

New legislation has just been passed regarding e liquids and e- Cigarettes with the aim to make them safer for those using the products. These items are now registered with the Medicines and Healthcare agency. There are now an estimated 2.9 million Brits using e-cigarettes regularly. Whilst “vaping” (as it is called) is almost certainly better […]

Oral health-related quality of life improved with orthodontics

New research has found that orthodontic treatment improves oral health-related quality of llife, with the most improvement being in emotional and social wellbeing. The paper, co-authorised by Professor Phillip Benson, is based on a systematic review and meta-analysis of studies using patient reported outcomes before and after orthodontic treatment. The findings are highly significant for […]

The Reluctant Spouse

As a child of The 70’s, dentists held a special place in my mind, usually at the very back of it. Anyone reading this that had dental work as a child during the 70’s will understand what I mean, little or no pain relief, being held down whilst the dentist did his best to do his work, […]

HRT and Gum Disease

Replacement Therapy (HRT) has been credited with helping women manage a range of menopause-related issues, including hot flushes, heart health and bone density, and now new research suggests HRT could be used to reduce gum disease and prevent tooth loss. The study of women between the ages of 50 and 87, discovered rates of gum […]

What to do if a child accidentally loses a tooth

Everyone knows that children have accidents. However, when a child has an accident that affects their teeth, and their smile, you may feel panicked about what treatment may be available. Should your child be unfortunate to have an accident involving their teeth it is important that you take them to your dentist straight away so […]

Single People “driving illegal tooth whitening”

New research has suggested that not only are single British adults more likely to get their teeth whitened than those in relationships, but that a high number are doing so illegally – causing major concerns for health campaigners. A nationwide poll found that 1 in 4 people without a partner (24%) have had their teeth […]

Bite into your Headache

There are many reasons that you could have a headache, but have you ever considered that it could be something your dentist could help you with? There are a few oral issues that could be contributing to the pain you are having, it could be as simple as clenching or grinding your teeth or something […]

Celebrate National Kissing Day

The eleventh National Kissing Day is taking place on the 23rd June 2017. Kissing is scientifically proven to make us feel good: it releases lots of happy hormones making us feel secure, serene and lowers your levels of stress and blood pressure. It is said that kissing someone special every day is of real benefit. […]

Fun Facts About Saliva!

You could potentially produce enough saliva to fill two bathtubs a year! Food molecules must dissolve in saliva in order to be recognized by taste buds. Saliva protects teeth and gums, lubricates the mouth, and helps regulate the acid balance of the mouth. Saliva is essential to the breakdown of food. Saliva can be analysed […]