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Lessons in brushing to save childrens’ teeth.

It was interesting to read in the Sunday times at the weekend, the article about the new government initiative to set up “toothbrushing clubs” in schools and nurseries to counter the “epidemic” of dental decay among children as young as one. 25 schools in Devon, Yorkshire, London and Wales are where the scheme has been […]

Thinking about Dental Implants?

In the last few years, I have been very privileged to work alongside Rhodri John but also to be treated by him. I did not always know how to look after my teeth and unfortunately two of my molars were irreversibly damaged. Eventually I lost both of these teeth and the only real replacement option […]

Manual v Electric – Which is the better Toothbrush?

A good oral hygiene regime is essential in the prevention of dental disease. Ensuring thorough removal of plaque bacteria helps reduce the likelihood of gum disease and dental decay. Here at Absolute we recommend brushing twice daily for a minimum of two minutes and using an interdental cleaning aid such as floss or tepe’s as […]

Six Month Smiles at Absolute Dental

You REALLY Could Love Seeing Your Smile… Promise. It Could Take Just Six Tiny, Little Months. Just like the name says, it takes us just six months to help you create the smile of your dreams. For some patients, it could take just four months to get that dazzling smile. Meanwhile, some may take up to nine months to […]

A Fabulous Day Out!

As most of you know all of us at Absolute Dental love our pets!  Last Sunday was a very special event for Diane and I.  We had a dressage Championship competition at Centyfield Dressage & Eventing Academy, near Exeter. After weeks of training & practicing we both had a very successful day both of us picking […]

Saint Patrick’s Day: Alcohol and Your teeth

St. Patrick’s Day parties often get reputations for being epic. On the day of Irish pride, inhibitions are thrown out the window in favour of a good time. As much fun as St. Patrick’s Day parties can be, you will not only be left with a St. Patrick’s Day hangover, you will also pave the […]

A Gripping Blog

We tend to take it for granted that we are able to style our hair, open a jar, apply make-up, handwrite a letter & brush our teeth. That is, until we lose that dexterity. So if you, or someone you know, are having difficulties with their grip – be it permanent through arthritis, or temporary […]

Tooth Whitening is 100% safe – if done correctly!

More and more people are looking for brighter, whiter teeth. But does teeth whitening work and is it safe? Here are the answers to common questions about the treatment. What is teeth whitening? Teeth whitening involves the use of bleaching gels on your teeth to make them lighter or restore their brightness. Who can perform […]

World Book Day 2017

If you spot an Oompa Loompa or The White Witch walking towards you today, don’t panic! You are not seeing things. It’s World Book Day! Many school children will be dressing up as their favourite story characters to celebrate the occasion. World Book Day provides every school child a voucher for £1. They can then […]

Shrove Tuesday – Doesn’t have to mean Lemon & Sugar!

Shrove Tuesday is always the day before the first day of Lent, known as Ash Wednesday. This year that date falls on Tuesday 28th February , with Ash Wednesday being on Wednesday 1st March. It is usually celebrated throughout the UK with the cooking and eating of delicious pancakes. It is also said that flipping […]