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Healthy Snacking – Hints & Tips

Healthy snacking is reliant on planning and shopping. What we have in our cupboard is what we are going to graze on at home. A little planning before visiting the supermarket goes a long way towards having things we want to eat in our cupboards, and reducing the number of things we might not want […]

The science of kissing!

As it’s Valentine’s Day we thought it appropriate to give you some fun facts about kissing and the science surrounding this show of affection. With the average person spending two weeks of their lives kissing this is valuable information. The study of kissing is called Philematology, its not all about the evolutionary meaning behind it, its […]

Myths about Body Language – The Smile

We often hear people refer to “body language”—the clues to the meaning and intent of communication from others that we get from gesture, facial expression, posture—anything really that is not spoken. The experts call it “nonverbal communication,” but it amounts to the same thing.  Accurate knowledge of body language is essential for success in interpersonal relations, […]

Treats loved by kids and loathed by parents (and teeth!)

Parents yesterday named and shamed the food and drink brands they believe are letting down their children. In the first ever Children’s Food Awards, Sunny Delight was singled out as ‘largely thickened, artificially sweetened, expensive water’. The soft drink was given the award for Additive Nightmare and described as ‘without doubt the most unpopular product […]

Your Dental Appointment 100 Years Ago

When you go the dentist today, you know the routine: Check in, read a magazine and sip a tea in the dental room, and when you’re name’s called, enjoy a stress free chat with your dentist and receive quality care and expert treatment job done. However, if you were living a hundred years ago, your […]

New Years Resolutions – How are they going?

New Year’s Resolutions.  What a great opportunity to really set ourselves up for some magnificent failures and disappointments ! There comes a time when you just have to acknowledge that your New Year’s Resolutions were unreasonable and unrealistic, and that time is a fortnight into the New Year!  Rejoice in your new found freedom from […]

Straighter Smiles

This week is was a pleasure to see an article in the media about a positive side to UK dentistry. It was also uplifting to read about the stories of people that we help through the treatments we offer. We have been treating patients using the Inman Aligner for many years here at Absolute and […]

Happy New Year!

As we leave Christmas behind for 2016, our thoughts turn to the New Year, and the opportunities this could bring: H appiness depends upon your outlook on life. – Find the good in all situations. A ttitude is just as important as ability.- Keep your attitude positive. P assion find yours this year! – Do […]


Christmas Opening Times at Absolute

Christmas is nearly upon us, and here at Absolute, we are looking forward to spending some time with our loved ones, as we’re sure you all are too. We like our patients to know that we are here to look after them – even over the Christmas period. Our opening hours this year are as […]

Absolute Dental Website Re-Launched

We at Absolute Dental are acutely aware that the internet browsing habits of the nation are changing, and more and more of us are using mobile devices (mobile phones and tablets) to browse the internet. We’ve always been very proud of our website, and the reflection it gives of the beautiful practice we work in […]