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What am I missing?

What am I missing?! When you work with people who are actually amongst your closest friends, it seems obvious to say that I am missing the the Absolute team…..but it goes so much deeper than that…..let me try and explain… I miss the way we can make people feel. Whether this is helping them find […]

Team newsletter 23.4.2020


15th April Newsletter from the team

Firstly, thank you all for the numerous, and very thoughtful messages sent over the last few weeks. I am very much based at home, however feel a huge amount of pride when someone has taken the trouble to get in touch with us; and all messages do come through to me. My team are, and […]


Newsletter from the Absolute team at home

Please click below to see what we have been up to and the latest help and advice from the Absolute team href=”https://mailchi.mp/51b2ba42b2fd/a-week-at-home-with-the-absolute-team?e=[UNIQID]”>

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Great advice worthing of passing on to friends and family

Our blog today is very important and beautifully presented by my colleague Christina. It is worth watching as the message is vital to all those who may have or  might in the future contract the Corona virus, have a watch it might just save a life.

What a week; what a team!

This week  has been a huge wake up call hasn’t it? Like being in some sort of bizarre dream. Trying to watch what is going in the media without paralysing ourselves with fear and overwhelm. The team here are beyond awesome, I catch snippets of their conversations, find them delivering food through letterboxes, and leaving […]

Corona Virus, Absolute Dental Update

We are still open and operating as normal until changes are made at a governmental level. Absolute Dental have very strict infection control procedures including disinfection of all surfaces between patients, using mostly single use equipment which is disposed of in a clinical waste bin and then incinerated, and any re-usable instruments are sterilised on […]

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win!

A personal note from me today, nothing remotely  related to dentistry or Absolute. Rather a dream of a young man. A young man who serves his country as a member of the Royal Navy having struggled through school with years of bullying and humiliation. His aim was always to do the right thing and please […]

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