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Childrens Snacking and a Recent School Visit

This month I got the opportunity to join our Dental Therapist, Christina, at a local primary school to give a talk to 8 and 9 year old children about oral hygiene and sugar in snacks. The children completed an activity set out in two parts; the first to divide some pictures of snacks into healthy […]

Dry mouth: everything you need to know

Dry mouth: something you may not have even heard of, but it’s a much more common problem than you might think. It’s something that can affect you at any time of your life, although it is more common as you age – apparently one in five older people will experience a dry mouth. It’s also […]

Toothtastic Tips and Tricks…

Here are a few tips and tricks to help achieve excellent oral health… Whitening: You can help keep your teeth whiter by avoiding the following: Smoking (we all should anyway), black tea/coffee, highly coloured foods and Corsodyl mouth wash (the Daily one is fine, the Original contains Chlorhexidine which can cause a build-up of staining […]

7 Signs that Stress is Damaging Your Teeth

It’s that time of year again…..Exams are looming for so many people, and stress levels are high. We know that stress can affect our general health – but it can also play havoc with our dental health too. Last year it was reported that actress Demi Moore had lost her two front teeth because of stress. […]

Nail Biter?? This blog may be all you need to stop this harmful habit!

Nail biting or onychophagia is a compulsive stress relieving habit that can cause pathological changes if it persists for a long period of time. Often people indulge in this habit out of sheer boredom or when they are deeply engrossed in something. Though more prevalent among children and teenagers, it often extends to adulthood. It […]

The impact of stress on your jaw

The pressures of  life can have a significant impact on stress levels. Stress can impact on health and wellbeing and manifest itself in a number of physical ways and while a restful night’s sleep is so important for the body and mind, a large number of people due to stress have stress-related sleep disturbance. However […]

Our Dental Technicians …..true team members. Great Dental Care is delivered by a team who communicate effectively and share knowledge and skills with other team members. A dynamic that some patients know little about is the relationship between Dentist and Dental Technician. This relationship is made even more important by the development of new and […]

Toothbrushing is not a magic wand!

New research has revealed that tooth brushing alone is not enough to protect children from tooth decay caused by snacking on sugary foods and drink. The study, published in the Journal of Public Health, looked at nearly 4,000 pre-school children and discovered that snacking habits are the behaviour most strongly associated with dental decay Researchers […]

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