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Are fruit juices and smoothies bad for our teeth?

Studies have shown that some smoothies from shops in fact have more sugar in them than a can of coke. So when you’re thinking about grabbing a smoothing on the way to work because its quick and easy, you may want to think again. There is an ascorbic acid in vitamin C that can cause […]

FA Cup 3rd Round – Dental Injury on Live TV!

I don’t generally watch sports, but I heard about a dental injury that occurred during the FA cup third round match West Ham vs Shrewsbury. Josh Cullen unfortunately got a high boot to the face from the team captain of the opposing team which completely knocked his front tooth out. It was placed in a glass of milk, […]

School children consuming energy drinks

The energy drink market is currently estimated to be worth over £2 billion and research published this month by Fuse (the Centre for Translational Research in Public Health) has highlighted again the impact of energy drinks on our young children, with emphasis on relation to the caffeine and sugar content in these drinks. A typical […]

Benefits and Balance when it comes to Fruit in our Diet

An Oral Health Organisation study has revealed that almost 60% are more likely to reach for a piece of fruit than a chocolate bar. This shows in general that we are more sugar savvy and take this into consideration when choosing our foods. As a nation we have become more health conscious and more aware […]

5 Obscure Christmas Traditions from Across the Globe

Christmas traditions, every family has them! Whether it be eating christmas dinner in your pajamas, or dressing up, or dressing up the dogs in pajamas, waiting till dusk to open your presents or up well before dawn; it’s not christmas in our house without a ‘lively family debate’ (or argument), traditions do bring us together […]

Our Hot Drink Culture is Ruining Our Teeth!

One in seven British adults are now regularly exceeding their sugar intake – from tea and coffee alone, a recent survey showed. 31% of adults add sugar to each cup of tea or coffee they drink 16% of those add at least one teaspoon 3% add more than three teaspoons of sugar to every cup! […]

Don’t forget Your Toothbrush!

It’s easy for your oral health to slide whilst you are away from home and out of your normal routine. Here are a few hints and tips to help with your packing…. News flash! Electric toothbrushes are portable! And travel adaptors are available if required. But if you are stuck for space a manual toothbrush […]

Talking Teeth! With Harbertonford CofE Primary School students

It’s always beneficial to share the message of good oral health, even moreso to young people. Today was a great day! Harbertonford Primary School invited me to share these main messages: 1)   brush twice a day 2)   watch out for hidden sugars In the photo, the students are completing the challenge of matching bags of […]

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