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HPV vaccination failure condemned across the dental profession

HPV (human Papilloma Virus) is to be refused to adolescent boys in the future. 400,000 boys will remain unvaccinated every year. This has been criticised by our profession as this vaccine could protect boys from HPV related cancers. HPV is one of the leading causes of mouth cancer and without the vaccination our profession will […]

Gum Disease = 70% More Likely to Develop Alzheimers

A link between gum disease and cognitive decline in Alzheimer’s disease has recently been established. A joint study led by Kings College London and the University of Southampton concluded that gum disease is associates with an increase in cognitive decline in Alzheimer’s disease, possibly via mechanisms linked to the body’s inflammatory response. Patients who suffered […]

Tigers Take Care Of Your Teeth!

Lions and Tigers and Bears and every animal with teeth may have the same dental troubles that we do. Gum disease and gingivitis, broken teeth, and painful cavities. Clearly Tigers do not eat Toffees, unlike the average human, so no risk of cavities for these big wild cats. In zoos,  large animals such as lions […]

To Floss or Not To Floss? – That is The Question

As a dental nurse, I get to hear lots of responses to the following question from Dentists and Hygienists to patient; ‘So what are you using to clean in between your teeth?’ Responses tend to fall in to two categories; those patients who know exactly what interdental aids they are using, and those who admit […]

Oral piercings and oral risk – what they don’t tell you at the piercing parlour

Whether you think they’re a striking way to express yourself, or a barbarous body modification, there’s no denying the popularity of oral piercings is on the rise, especially amongst young people. Often when individuals chose to undergo an oral piercing, their first thought is about the aesthetic effect of the jewellery, and not the risks […]

Where does The Tooth Fairy come from?

No one is really sure where the legend of the tooth fairy came from… Some say that Viking warriors used to pay children for their teeth, to take the teeth into battle as good luck charms. If this is to be believed then maybe Hollywood didn’t go too far wrong with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson […]

Stressed out teeth!

Whilst factors such as diet and our oral cleaning habits are key to having healthy teeth and gums; other, sometimes inescapable factors, can also have an impact. Modern life An increasing number of us live a more stressful lifestyle than our ancestors: work, family, financial responsibilities etc.. This type of stress can have a negative […]

5 things I wish I’d known before becoming a dental nurse….

1- I wish I had been born with 3 hands instead of 2. 2 – Dental floss can be used for many more things than people think for example, replacing shoe laces, cutting food and making a fishing net. 3 – That teeth are the first thing you notice when meeting someone new. 4 – My […]

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