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National Dentists Day

National Dentist’s Day falls on March 6th every year. It was established in America as a way to show appreciation and thanks for dentists. It’s also a way to bring awareness to dentistry so that people will know more about how to care for their teeth March 6 2020  is National Dentist’s Day, a day […]

Sharing messages and supporting HPV Awareness Day

Today is International HPV Awareness Day. HPV is the human papillomavirus. It is extremely common and around 80% of us will have it at some point of our life. For most of us, the virus will be harmless and have no symptoms, however, for some it can have some serious consequences. Around 5% of all cancers are […]

Bad Breath – the Elephant in the Room

Bad Breath – Do you talk about it? 25% of adults have bad breath. That is one in four. Are you one of them? Bad breath is a problem but not many of us want to tell the sufferer. As a result many people are unaware they suffer from the affliction and so it becomes […]

Spit; don’t Rinse.

I read an article recently written by a friend from way back, Mr Tim Ives, the most fantastic dental hygienist and co founder of the digital and eco-friendly online O’Hehir University. I know he will be happy for me to pass it on  to you all as it is the most brilliant message and one […]

Conversations In The Chair ……Questions My Patients Ask .

A great privilege of my profession is the opportunity for conversation with those I care for . My relationship with my patients is a relationship of trust. Every last one is interesting to me and I love the opportunity for a wee bit of chat when we meet. Of course, there are the general questions […]

October 2019 Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire

As a practice, we welcome your feedback throughout the year – we love to hear if there is anything we’ve done well, or if we could do better – and that is we always ask, if you’ve particularly liked something we’ve done here, please let us know via our Facebook or Google pages. As a […]

Mouth Cancer – Reducing Our Risk

November is Mouth Cancer Action Month – so lets start with the basics: What is mouth cancer? Most people have heard of cancer affecting parts of the body such as the lungs or breasts. However, cancer can appear in the mouth, where the disease can affect the lips, tongue, cheeks and throat. Who can be […]