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Escape to the Hills – Team Building, Absolute Style!

On Wednesday afternoon the Absolute team took on some team building activities. We took part in Adventure South’s Escape to the Hills challenge and had so much fun.  Escape the Hills is an interactive team based puzzle challenge. It involves decoding ciphers, unlocking giant mechanical puzzles, finding hidden clues and working quickly as a team to […]

Is your smile the reason you’re single?

Three quarters of Brits are not happy with their smile; Those on Dating sites taken note! Are you one of the many people who are looking for love? More than 77% of Brits are not happy with thier smile was the latest result from a survey carried out by White Glo. The main reason that […]

Confession: I am Love Island Virgin

However in the interests of research I have managed to flick forward through a whole episode of  “Love Island the Hotlist” which  extracted the important highlights from the first week. I have also skim read a few online reviews. For those who are equally in the dark here follows a quote from one of the […]

Tooth erosion, are you at risk?

Many people consume fizzy or sugary drinks and acidic foods every day but have no idea those may be harming their teeth, making them vulnerable to tooth erosion. The acid in the foods we eat and drink can cause tooth enamel to wear away, making your teeth sensitive and discolored. Your dentist will tell you […]

When it comes to Tooth Whitening – what is right, and what is not.

There’s a huge market for cheap teeth whitening – and if you’re short on time and money it’s perhaps understandable that you might look twice at a special offer from someone who is not a registered dentist, or buy whitening products online. However, with a recent BBC report shining a light on illegal teeth whitening, it’s more […]

Childrens Snacking and a Recent School Visit

This month I got the opportunity to join our Dental Therapist, Christina, at a local primary school to give a talk to 8 and 9 year old children about oral hygiene and sugar in snacks. The children completed an activity set out in two parts; the first to divide some pictures of snacks into healthy […]

Dry mouth: everything you need to know

Dry mouth: something you may not have even heard of, but it’s a much more common problem than you might think. It’s something that can affect you at any time of your life, although it is more common as you age – apparently one in five older people will experience a dry mouth. It’s also […]

Toothtastic Tips and Tricks…

Here are a few tips and tricks to help achieve excellent oral health… Whitening: You can help keep your teeth whiter by avoiding the following: Smoking (we all should anyway), black tea/coffee, highly coloured foods and Corsodyl mouth wash (the Daily one is fine, the Original contains Chlorhexidine which can cause a build-up of staining […]

7 Signs that Stress is Damaging Your Teeth

It’s that time of year again…..Exams are looming for so many people, and stress levels are high. We know that stress can affect our general health – but it can also play havoc with our dental health too. Last year it was reported that actress Demi Moore had lost her two front teeth because of stress. […]

Nail Biter?? This blog may be all you need to stop this harmful habit!

Nail biting or onychophagia is a compulsive stress relieving habit that can cause pathological changes if it persists for a long period of time. Often people indulge in this habit out of sheer boredom or when they are deeply engrossed in something. Though more prevalent among children and teenagers, it often extends to adulthood. It […]