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Online DIY braces are a bad idea!

There are now websites that offer people the opportunity to carry out their own tooth straightening in the comfort of their own home…. The websites encourage you to take a series of “selfies” and these are used to carry out an assessment and based on this, a person is deemed suitable (or not) for the […]

Don’t let too much festive cheer ruin your Christmas teeth!

Christmas is nearly upon us and regardless of whether or not you’re excited about it, there’s no doubt you will be indulging in plenty of delicious food over the coming weeks. Buffets, Christmas parties, Boxing Day leftovers, various tins and boxes of chocolates, shortbread biscuits, cakes – the list is endless. Whilst all this food is […]

A quarter of men want straighter teeth

A new survey has revealed that 26% of men would like to straighten their teeth. The survey was taken to find out more about men’s confidence in their appearance and showed that those aged 18-24 were most likely to have looked into treatments to change something, despite being the most likely age group to say […]

Imperfect teeth – “One of the biggest turn offs”

A new survey from Iwhite Instant has found that imperfect teeth are one of the biggest turn offs. The research shows that the top five turn offs for Brits as being: A cheesy chat up line – 77% Imperfect teeth – 65% If they pay too much attention to their mobile – 64% Arrogance – […]