What am I missing?

What am I missing?!

When you work with people who are actually amongst your closest friends, it seems obvious to say that I am missing the the Absolute team…..but it goes so much deeper than that…..let me try and explain…

I miss the way we can make people feel. Whether this is helping them find a dentist they can trust who provides them with painless treatment; or completing treatment that the patient has wanted for long time but has only now decided to complete…and they wonder how they managed to wait so long; or the patient who turns their dental health around with the help of our team of hygienists. Everyone plays a part in this feeling, and I’m so grateful to be part of that team.

I miss the challenges that a working day throws at me, and how my colleagues offer me advice and guidance on how to work through these challenges. It takes a special team to empower you to be your best.

I miss the jokes and the camaraderie. Whether it’s a misspelt word that causes ongoing amusement, or a mis pronounced product name that is better than its actual name or simply the way we can gently laugh at one another over our packed lunches, we really do have a giggle (especially on Thursdays!).

And I miss the structure to my day. When you plan everything so meticulously down to the minute, and everyone around you is pulling in the same direction to meet those same time demands, it seems very strange to be sitting around with time on my hands!

These special people attract our lovely patients to our practice, and I miss seeing our patients too! The ones who bring beetroots from their allotment for the team, the ones who bring apples in for my horse, the ones who bring us chocolates and sherry at Christmas, and the ones who bring us a smile and make us smile every time they walk through our front door, the ones who bring stories of courage in adversity and the one side who bring us pictures of their grandchildren/puppy/holiday because they consider us to be friends, not just a dentist/nurse/hygienist/receptionist.

You see? I miss “the people”, but boy, what special people they are!

15th April Newsletter from the team

Firstly, thank you all for the numerous, and very
thoughtful messages sent over the last few weeks. I am very much based at home, however feel a huge amount of pride when someone has taken the trouble to get in touch with us; and all messages do come through to me.
My team are, and always have been totally exceptional, and it is clear that they mean the same to many of you. Dental care has been completely halted in the UK currently; the strangest of situations to ever find ourselves in. The work my team has done historically in providing optimal care, advice and on occasion a slight nudge in the right direction means I am confident the vast majority of you are dentally “fit” and will sail through the next few weeks without any issues.

In the meantime of course there are the unforeseen situations when you might need some help or a chat, so do call us Emma and I are here on 07974392422 or use live chat on the website www.absolute-dental.co.uk
Regards, stay safe and see you soon


Some wonderfully happy news to share with you all is that our lovely dental nurse Rachelle had a special Easter delivery when baby Hollie arrived on April 9th. Mum and baby are both doing well and we look forward to welcoming Rachelle back to Absolute in October
Absolute Bake Off
We’ve all had a little more time on our hands, and to keep busy some of us have been baking and cooking. We wanted to have a little competition to see whose house you would prefer to stop by, when this is all over, for a slice of cake or a homemade meal!
It’s very simple – from the two photos below, just email info@absolute-dental.co.uk with either Team A or Team B (those in the losing team of Absolute Allstars will be carrying out their fore fit in the next newsletter!)

A Hello from the Absolute Team!
We all miss each other and we miss seeing you too – here is a little video we made to show you just how we feel – click here to watch.

Lost a Filling?
On a more practical note; here is some excellent advice from Rhodri on what to do should you loose a filling over the next few weeks Click here to view

Still got time on your hands?
There is still time to download and complete the Absolute Wordsearch – just complete and email back to info@absolute-dental.co.uk – there are prizes to be won!

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We are also obviously taking calls, and messages for advice during this period. Should you need us please call: my mobile 07974392422 or contact us via live chat on homepage www.absolute-dental.co.uk
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Newsletter from the Absolute team at home

Please click below to see what we have been up to and the latest help and advice from the Absolute team


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Great advice worthing of passing on to friends and family

Our blog today is very important and beautifully presented by my colleague Christina. It is worth watching as the message is vital to all those who may have or  might in the future contract the Corona virus, have a watch it might just save a life.

What a week; what a team!

This week  has been a huge wake up call hasn’t it? Like being in some sort of bizarre dream.

Trying to watch what is going in the media without paralysing ourselves with fear and overwhelm.

The team here are beyond awesome, I catch snippets of their conversations, find them delivering food through letterboxes, and leaving me notes offering their time free of charge if we hit a hard spot. Good to reflect how extraordinary they are. Time for me to consider what I can do for them.

We are a small business, just like so many, no external support other than the revenue we generate by looking after people and their dental health. We have the same worries as the rest of the world.

We are trying to stay in touch with our patients, huge numbers of those who are in the “over 70 bracket” (although you would never believe it)!

We have updated them on what it happening to us and tried to guide them as to how we can help them…what have they done in return……. they have emailed , written and called called us back.

This has made such a positive difference to us, truly overwhelmed. Starting to believe we can do this.

Now keep an eye on our our blogs, website and social media over the next few weeks. We have a little more time than we normally do and plan to fill it well.

Corona Virus, Absolute Dental Update

We are still open and operating as normal until changes are made at a governmental level.

Absolute Dental have very strict infection control procedures including disinfection of all surfaces between patients, using mostly single use equipment which is disposed of in a clinical waste bin and then incinerated, and any re-usable instruments are sterilised on site in special vacuum autoclaves at 134 degrees.

We are however taking some further precautions and making arrangements given the seriousness of the spread of coronavirus.


  1. Following the health secretary comments about self isolation for over 70’s this morning, all patients in this age bracket will be offered to reschedule their appointments in the coming weeks. We can however work with you to arrange a suitable appointment when no other patients are around if required, helping to minimise the risk of transmission.
  2. We are removing every second chair in our patient lounge so that there is an increased social distance between patients. We will also be seeing less patients at the moment but in event that all the seats are taken we will kindly invite some people to wait outside until their appointment time. It would also be helpful if you can come alone to your appointment where possible.
  3. As we will be seeing less patients in the next few weeks, for any of those who are self isolating, please give us a call and if we can help in any  way we’d be happy to.
  4. All books, magazines and newsletters have been removed from our patient lounge.
  5. We will be when possible emailing medical update forms and other items of paperwork.
  6. In the event that we do need to close in the coming weeks we will aim to run a limited emergency clinic however we do urge you to complete scheduled treatments in the meantime.Emergency clinics will be dictated by evolving circumstances.
  7. We are aiming to make it as easy for patients to contact us as possible; please use 01548852165 or 01548854894, message via Facebook or Instagram or email info@absolute-dental.co.uk  to get in touch with us if you need to make or reschedule an appointment.
  8. For patients who are self isolating and require any dental advice we can  arrange for a video call with one of our dentists or nursing team where possible.

We are here to help and offer you the best care we can


Rhodri John

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win!

A personal note from me today, nothing remotely  related to dentistry or Absolute.

Rather a dream of a young man. A young man who serves his country as a member of the Royal Navy having struggled through school with years of bullying and humiliation.

His aim was always to do the right thing and please those around him which included his career choice becoming a marine engineer on submarines .

Whilst at school he always wanted to fit in and generally this resulted in having completely the opposite effect, as he tried so hard. His biggest goal at school was to be a part of the drama group and be in the school play, which eventually he achieved. It did not get him the credibility he so wanted, but he loved every moment. He hung that dream out to dry….for a while!

Now several years later he finds himself involved once again in a production, this time a film. A film about a local man who has faced struggles. “The Legend Plays on” tells the tale of Billy Sutton, the true story of the most honoured European in Miami’s history. The story is of a grandson of a Peaky Blinder, an alcoholic, a family man, and a hero of Birmingham and Miami.

What a different journey this young man is now having from his school time memories. This time supported by a team of inspiring, creative actors, writers, and film makers  as part of a team of like minded people  who accept him for what he is, they encourage him to develop and grow and not be ashamed or hushed.

“If People Throw Stones At You, Then Pick Them Up and Build Something”

I want to give the production some promotion, the screening to be held on Sunday 29th March at Tavistock Wharf. To book tickets for the premier call the box office on  01822 611166



My New Beginning

Today we post a blog from Sara, our newest team member. It is always refreshing to have a new pair of eyes join the team. Sara has a very eventful month ahead as she gets married on Saturday so new job, new husband and new career.

“Having worked in hospitality for most of my life, I decided I needed a change, a new focus.

I happened to come across an advert, advertising for a dental nurse on social media. I thought to myself,  I think this might be it.

I went along to my interview at Absolute Dental and knew as soon as I walked through the door that this was the sort if place i wanted to work. So,when i  I was offered a wonderful opportunity and I took it.

My first week has been challenging but amazing.  I’ve never had so many willing teachers, I’ve learnt so much in such a short time. My highs have definitely been working with  my colleague’s, meeting the  patients and learning new things.

The hardest thing maybe, just learning the lingo of a dental practice a new and completely different language.

I can’t wait to see what my Absolute future brings” Sara

Sara enjoying her first day with therapist Rachael

National Dentists Day

National Dentist’s Day falls on March 6th every year. It was established in America as a way to show appreciation and thanks for dentists. It’s also a way to bring awareness to dentistry so that people will know more about how to care for their teeth

March 6 2020  is National Dentist’s Day, a day to celebrate the men and women who keep  us eating and smiling. Dentists are specialists  in oral health.

We are in a very fortunate position here at Absolute and have clinicians who go out of there way to go above and beyond  in the treatment  they carry out  and the manner it is delivered in.

They are on side and ultimately have the patients best interests at heart.

We are in a profession that even if this day and age are met with objections from patients who have concerns and issues from childhood treatment or past experiences that were far from good.

We are proud that our patients not only travel long journeys by road but also fly across countries to see us, endorsing the kind, gently and caring attitudes of Ruth and Rhod.

So big shout out to you both for all you do, the patients here are lucky to have you.