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Great advice worthing of passing on to friends and family

Our blog today is very important and beautifully presented by my colleague Christina. It is worth watching as the message is vital to all those who may have or  might in the future contract the Corona virus, have a watch it might just save a life.

What a week; what a team!

This week  has been a huge wake up call hasn’t it? Like being in some sort of bizarre dream.

Trying to watch what is going in the media without paralysing ourselves with fear and overwhelm.

The team here are beyond awesome, I catch snippets of their conversations, find them delivering food through letterboxes, and leaving me notes offering their time free of charge if we hit a hard spot. Good to reflect how extraordinary they are. Time for me to consider what I can do for them.

We are a small business, just like so many, no external support other than the revenue we generate by looking after people and their dental health. We have the same worries as the rest of the world.

We are trying to stay in touch with our patients, huge numbers of those who are in the “over 70 bracket” (although you would never believe it)!

We have updated them on what it happening to us and tried to guide them as to how we can help them…what have they done in return……. they have emailed , written and called called us back.

This has made such a positive difference to us, truly overwhelmed. Starting to believe we can do this.

Now keep an eye on our our blogs, website and social media over the next few weeks. We have a little more time than we normally do and plan to fill it well.

Corona Virus, Absolute Dental Update

We are still open and operating as normal until changes are made at a governmental level.

Absolute Dental have very strict infection control procedures including disinfection of all surfaces between patients, using mostly single use equipment which is disposed of in a clinical waste bin and then incinerated, and any re-usable instruments are sterilised on site in special vacuum autoclaves at 134 degrees.

We are however taking some further precautions and making arrangements given the seriousness of the spread of coronavirus.


  1. Following the health secretary comments about self isolation for over 70’s this morning, all patients in this age bracket will be offered to reschedule their appointments in the coming weeks. We can however work with you to arrange a suitable appointment when no other patients are around if required, helping to minimise the risk of transmission.
  2. We are removing every second chair in our patient lounge so that there is an increased social distance between patients. We will also be seeing less patients at the moment but in event that all the seats are taken we will kindly invite some people to wait outside until their appointment time. It would also be helpful if you can come alone to your appointment where possible.
  3. As we will be seeing less patients in the next few weeks, for any of those who are self isolating, please give us a call and if we can help in any  way we’d be happy to.
  4. All books, magazines and newsletters have been removed from our patient lounge.
  5. We will be when possible emailing medical update forms and other items of paperwork.
  6. In the event that we do need to close in the coming weeks we will aim to run a limited emergency clinic however we do urge you to complete scheduled treatments in the meantime.Emergency clinics will be dictated by evolving circumstances.
  7. We are aiming to make it as easy for patients to contact us as possible; please use 01548852165 or 01548854894, message via Facebook or Instagram or email info@absolute-dental.co.uk  to get in touch with us if you need to make or reschedule an appointment.
  8. For patients who are self isolating and require any dental advice we can  arrange for a video call with one of our dentists or nursing team where possible.

We are here to help and offer you the best care we can


Rhodri John

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win!

A personal note from me today, nothing remotely  related to dentistry or Absolute.

Rather a dream of a young man. A young man who serves his country as a member of the Royal Navy having struggled through school with years of bullying and humiliation.

His aim was always to do the right thing and please those around him which included his career choice becoming a marine engineer on submarines .

Whilst at school he always wanted to fit in and generally this resulted in having completely the opposite effect, as he tried so hard. His biggest goal at school was to be a part of the drama group and be in the school play, which eventually he achieved. It did not get him the credibility he so wanted, but he loved every moment. He hung that dream out to dry….for a while!

Now several years later he finds himself involved once again in a production, this time a film. A film about a local man who has faced struggles. “The Legend Plays on” tells the tale of Billy Sutton, the true story of the most honoured European in Miami’s history. The story is of a grandson of a Peaky Blinder, an alcoholic, a family man, and a hero of Birmingham and Miami.

What a different journey this young man is now having from his school time memories. This time supported by a team of inspiring, creative actors, writers, and film makers  as part of a team of like minded people  who accept him for what he is, they encourage him to develop and grow and not be ashamed or hushed.

“If People Throw Stones At You, Then Pick Them Up and Build Something”

I want to give the production some promotion, the screening to be held on Sunday 29th March at Tavistock Wharf. To book tickets for the premier call the box office on  01822 611166



My New Beginning

Today we post a blog from Sara, our newest team member. It is always refreshing to have a new pair of eyes join the team. Sara has a very eventful month ahead as she gets married on Saturday so new job, new husband and new career.

“Having worked in hospitality for most of my life, I decided I needed a change, a new focus.

I happened to come across an advert, advertising for a dental nurse on social media. I thought to myself,  I think this might be it.

I went along to my interview at Absolute Dental and knew as soon as I walked through the door that this was the sort if place i wanted to work. So,when i  I was offered a wonderful opportunity and I took it.

My first week has been challenging but amazing.  I’ve never had so many willing teachers, I’ve learnt so much in such a short time. My highs have definitely been working with  my colleague’s, meeting the  patients and learning new things.

The hardest thing maybe, just learning the lingo of a dental practice a new and completely different language.

I can’t wait to see what my Absolute future brings” Sara

Sara enjoying her first day with therapist Rachael

National Dentists Day

National Dentist’s Day falls on March 6th every year. It was established in America as a way to show appreciation and thanks for dentists. It’s also a way to bring awareness to dentistry so that people will know more about how to care for their teeth

March 6 2020  is National Dentist’s Day, a day to celebrate the men and women who keep  us eating and smiling. Dentists are specialists  in oral health.

We are in a very fortunate position here at Absolute and have clinicians who go out of there way to go above and beyond  in the treatment  they carry out  and the manner it is delivered in.

They are on side and ultimately have the patients best interests at heart.

We are in a profession that even if this day and age are met with objections from patients who have concerns and issues from childhood treatment or past experiences that were far from good.

We are proud that our patients not only travel long journeys by road but also fly across countries to see us, endorsing the kind, gently and caring attitudes of Ruth and Rhod.

So big shout out to you both for all you do, the patients here are lucky to have you.

Sharing messages and supporting HPV Awareness Day

Today is International HPV Awareness Day.

HPV is the human papillomavirus. It is extremely common and around 80% of us will have it at some point of our life.

For most of us, the virus will be harmless and have no symptoms, however, for some it can have some serious consequences.

Around 5% of all cancers are caused by HPV. In the UK, this translates to more than 18,000 people every year.

HPV is also now one of the leading causes of mouth cancer.

Mouth cancer can have a devastating effect on a person’s quality of life. Our charity has seen this impact first-hand.

That’s why we are supporting International HPV Awareness Day.

Our goal is simple – to improve everybody’s understanding of HPV.

Let’s improve awareness of HPV together….

Bad Breath – the Elephant in the Room

Bad Breath – Do you talk about it?

25% of adults have bad breath. That is one in four.

Are you one of them?

Bad breath is a problem but not many of us want to tell the sufferer. As a result many people are unaware they suffer from the affliction and so it becomes “The Elephant in the Room”

It could be what kills the conversation in an important business meeting. It could be what ruins a magical moment on a first date, or what puts a flatmate off their breakfast.

There is a clear link between poor oral hygiene and bad breath and our team of clinicians can support people to get back on track. Our team can offer help, tips and ideas to help combat the problem and prevent it re-occurring.

Tips include;

  • Great brushing
  • Keeping mouth hydrated
  • Brushing the tongue
  • Flossing

Take the breath test https://youtu.be/MySROMxrGQg?list=PLaqsAHqjx1YYtFdadlMD7KIb7iIT25zS5


Spit; don’t Rinse.

I read an article recently written by a friend from way back, Mr Tim Ives, the most fantastic dental hygienist and co founder of the digital and eco-friendly online O’Hehir University.

I know he will be happy for me to pass it on  to you all as it is the most brilliant message and one you can easily share.

Turn off the tap when brushing to minimise negative effects on the environment.

He said “World leaders have been meeting to reach an agreement to reduce carbon omissions to decrease the heating of our planet and the subsequent dangers that would result, such as global sea level rise. If all the people in the world started to make this one small change of turning the tap off when brushing our teeth, we would already be well on our way to meeting the target for the first year in energy consumption. Some people think it is such a small thing and that it will have very little impact compared to the effects of changes in transport and industry, but it is all about helping to meet the targets set by our leaders, who will be setting goals for reductions in energy consumption throughout the forthcoming years.

According to his calculations the tap would run for 2 minutes each cleaning and the water flow would typically be 2.5 gallons per minute, annually this equated to 1,825 gallons of water per year per person. If this was reduced to 10 seconds twice a day, each person would use 182.5 gallons of water per year making a massive 90% saving.

The worlds population is 7.7 billion so we can only guess what the energy and water savings could be globally with this one small change.

Also important is the huge impact “Spit; don’t Rinse” has on reducing dental decay. By rinsing after brushing you are rinsing away all the fluoride or de-sensitising agents in your toothpaste – and that’s just foolish!

Kicking the White Stuff – One Dental Nurses efforts to go Sugar-Free (or at least begin thinking about it anyway!)

As I tucked into some moreish sweeties over Christmas I said to my husband “I’m sure they put something addictive in these things!” to which he replied “Like what?! Sugar?”

To some people its obvious – to others, we simply just don’t realise how addictive sugar is!

Sugar plays such a large role in our modern diets, and this has left some of us behaving like sugar “junkies” wondering where our next fix will some from (in my case, the closest bag of Haribos!).

But I wondered if I could break this addictive cycle, and if so, how difficult it would be to kick the cravings…… The health benefits of giving up sugar were made all too aware to me last year when my mum was diagnosed as “pre-diabetic” and had to attend a group which helped her look at her diet and lifestyle. We’ve KNOW that sugar can cause dental health problems as well as general health problems – so why can’t we just “give it up”?

Sugar addiction is no laughing matter, in fact research has shown it is as addictive as cocaine and cigarettes, and humans actually binge on sugar in the same way as hard drugs.

And our nation’s love of sugar comes at a high price too, as the NHS revealed that obesity is now costing the taxpayer £16 billion a year. And admissions to hospital for children aged 5-9 years in 2018 was up to nearly 26,000 patients! Staggering. There is no doubt we are in a “sugar crisis” and it looks as if it’s here to stay.

Cutting out or reducing sugar intake doesn’t come without some warnings though, it seems! It can have side-effects: headaches, sluggishness and even flu-like symptoms. But it’s got to be worth it, surely?!

So I have been seeking out some “top tips” for kicking the white stuff (sugar, in my case!), thank you to Sophie Gallagher of HuffPost UK for doing some research on my behalf (clearly I am not alone in this!)

1. Do It Slowly

Your tastebuds will adapt over time as you have less sugar in your diet, so don’t be surprised if things start to taste different. Nutritionist Charlotte Stirling-Reed, told HuffPost UK: “My advice is to try and do it slowly, overtime, to allow your tastebuds to adapt to a lower sugar taste.”

For example, if you take two or three sugars in your coffee or tea, then try cutting this down by half a teaspoon at a time. Keep shaking a little off the spoon each time until you can fully cut it.

2. Try Making Food Swaps

Often it isn’t the sugar in chocolate and other sweet treats that are the real culprit, but hidden “dishonest” sugars in cereals, granolas, pasta sauces and other things that we might consider savoury, or even healthy.

Charlotte Stirling-Reed said: “Use food labels to help you decide which foods have lower sugar contents and opt for those varieties.”

3. Ditch Fizzy Drinks

If you drink fizzy drinks every day, these are the first issue you need to deal with when making your sugar changes. Try switching to water as your main drink, and having just one can of soda a day. Then move to one can every couple of days, and so on.

If you don’t like the flavour of water, try infused water – add fruits such as berries for a sweet kick but made up of natural, not artificial, sugars. But beware of acids on fruit causing acid erosion of teeth!

4. Ensure You Balance Your Blood Sugar

Nutritionist Penny Crowther said: “Cravings for sweet foods will be greatly reduced if blood sugar balance is maintained.”

You can balance your blood sugar in a number of ways:

– Eat slow release carbohydrates such as rye bread, spelt bread, brown rice and porridge oats.

– Always eat protein with carbohydrates, avoid eating carbs alone. These can be animal or plant based protein (lentils, tofu, nuts, beans).

– Eat three regular meals a day – constant grazing is not good for insulin levels.

– Always eat breakfast, even if this isn’t when you first wake up.

5. When You Are Baking, Halve The Sugar In The Recipe

“When following recipes halve the amount of sugar suggested. This works for most recipes except jam, ice cream and meringue,” said Penny Crowther.

This is an easy substitute to make as most recipes don’t really require as much sugar as they state, and it means you don’t have to give up baking your favourite sweet treats. Instead use vanilla, almonds or orange peel.

6. Choose Dark Chocolate

Rather than leaving things to chance and being prone to those 3 o’clock sugar slumps, keep dark chocolate on your desk to beat those cravings as soon as they hit.

Crowther said: “Choose dark chocolate as your sweet treat, which contains less sugar, no dairy or gluten and more antioxidants.”

7. Monitor Your Alcohol Intake

Although it can be tempting to reward yourself for keeping away from the sweet stuff, alcohol is one of the worst sources of sugars.

It is extremely high in sugar, especially liqueurs and cocktails (and makes you more likely to fall off the wagon the next day). Use soda water as your mixer instead of fizzy drinks.

Instead of setting unrealistic goals for yourself that you won’t want to maintain, keep drinking alcohol but substitute every other glass for a glass of sparkling water. Not only is it cheaper, but your head will thank you in the morning.

8. Remove Sugar From The Table

Marcela Fiuza, a spokesperson for the British Dietetic Association, says: “Remove sugar from the table, such as brown and white sugar, syrup & honey.”

This will stop you being tempted to add more to food which likely already has hidden sugars in it.

9. Be Cautious of Sugar Substitutes

Crowther explained: “If you are going for sugar substitutes choose a pure stevia or xylitol and use sparingly.”

Xylitol has the advantage of being very low in calories and has a minimal impact on blood sugar levels, but because they aren’t absorbed into the body, it can cause gas and bloating.”

And remember that honey, although branded as “healthier alternatives” are still high in fructose (which can also damage your teeth).

10. Be Realistic

Charlotte Stirling-Reed reminds us to keep goals realistic. Depending on the extent of your sugar addiction, don’t anticipate that you’ll be sugar-free within 24 hours. This will only end in disappointment and relapse.

Take small steps to gradually remove it from your diet rather than going cold turkey.

So, now you find me, having added James Goolniks “Kick Sugar” book to my Amazon basket (James is a fabulous dentist based in London) gearing up to kick the white stuff for good…..watch this space….