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gum disease – what is it?
Periodontal disease affects the gums and bone supporting your teeth. It is caused by sticky plaque and hard deposits of tartar. It usually happens when the teeth and gums are not kept clean enough. If you have very bad gum disease, you may have inherited it, or you may have a problem with your general health which needs to be investigated.

Thorough brushing can remove sticky plaque. Scaling and polishing can remove hard tartar. Without regular cleaning, the gum will come away from the tooth, making pockets around the teeth where food and plaque can collect. Pockets are more difficult to keep clean so gum disease will usually get worse if nothing is done.

gum disease has two stages
It starts with inflammation — redness and swelling. Dentists call this gingivitis. It can be cured with good oral hygiene.
The next stage is called chronic periodontitis. Some of the bone that supports the teeth is lost and the teeth become loose until they eventually have to be taken out. Periodontitis cannot be reversed once it starts but it doesn’t have to get worse if you clean your teeth properly and have regular treatments from your dentist or hygienist.

With support from your hygienist and dentist and a robust cleaning regime your periodontal issues can be addressed, controlled and ultimately resolved.

Absolute Dental and all the team that work under it’s umbrella have been delighted to add support to the manifesto created by the European Federation of Periodontology on the vitally important subject of Periodontal and General Health. The EFP MANIFESTO is a call to action in terms of prevention, early detection and treatment of periodontitis. It is the first formal declaration in international dentistry to condense years of research into the links between periodontal disease and systemic illnesses into an acknowledgement of periodontitis as a major public health issue.

By signing this manifesto and committing to supporting it by ways of educating our patients we join a growing community of professionals and experts who want a fundamental shift in the perception of dental professionals’ responsibilities. We embrace the mission to bring benefits from periodontal care to the general health of individuals and society, a purpose based not on the wisdom of the crowd but on strong and consistent scientific analysis.

This EFP MANIFESTO calls upon all dental and health professionals to act in the prevention, early diagnosis, and effective treatment of periodontal disease in order to combat the devastating oral and general health effects for the individual and society.

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