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Welcome to Absolute Dental Training, a business resource created by Emma John, who has developed – and been delivering (with energy, conviction and enthusiasm) – bespoke team training for forward-thinking dental practices for over four years. It is a testament to her efforts and expertise that several practices she has worked with during that time have been short-listed and indeed won awards at some of this year’s dental award ceremonies.

Emma John being interviewed at The Dentistry Show

Emma’s message is…

‘Consistently delivering excellent customer service is of paramount importance to a practice as is delivering excellence in dentistry. We at Absolute Training can provide you with the tools to hone your own systems, achieve outstanding customer service and maintain a happy, motivated team. With the right systems you have the firm foundations of a stand-apart, successful practice.

All too often a dental team is made up of individuals working very hard but remaining isolated in their own particular field of work within the practice. The links between the team members are often underdeveloped or missing and the failure to integrate systems into work practice can be counterproductive. Without effective systems a team often loses sight of its vital need to communicate and as a consequence they are not able to realise their own personal potential or to share in the success of the practice.

Absolute Dental Training focuses, nurtures and develops the whole dental team, although the emphasis remains with those working at the front desk. Our training examines and identifies areas requiring improvement and inspires the members of the team to commit to team action.’

Ask yourself if your practice is run smoothly and efficiently; if your staff are highly motivated, friendly, confident in their abilities; and if your patients, both old and new, are convinced that you are the best practice in your area? If not then we are here to provide you with the tools to achieve all this.

If you are interested in further information or wish to discuss your practice needs, please contact Emma John on 01548 854894 or email emma@absolute-dental.co.uk

Absolute Dental Training days work through and cover these areas

  • Evaluating teams’ strengths and weaknesses to establish an achievable programme for improvement and to set goals
  • Defining roles and responsibilities
  • Creating systems for effectively and efficiently dealing with everyday occurrences
  • Improving communication with patients
  • Boosting staff confidence
  • Achieving the ultimate in customer service and telephone skills

Because special people deserve special treatment

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