What a week; what a team!

This week  has been a huge wake up call hasn’t it? Like being in some sort of bizarre dream.

Trying to watch what is going in the media without paralysing ourselves with fear and overwhelm.

The team here are beyond awesome, I catch snippets of their conversations, find them delivering food through letterboxes, and leaving me notes offering their time free of charge if we hit a hard spot. Good to reflect how extraordinary they are. Time for me to consider what I can do for them.

We are a small business, just like so many, no external support other than the revenue we generate by looking after people and their dental health. We have the same worries as the rest of the world.

We are trying to stay in touch with our patients, huge numbers of those who are in the “over 70 bracket” (although you would never believe it)!

We have updated them on what it happening to us and tried to guide them as to how we can help them…what have they done in return……. they have emailed , written and called called us back.

This has made such a positive difference to us, truly overwhelmed. Starting to believe we can do this.

Now keep an eye on our our blogs, website and social media over the next few weeks. We have a little more time than we normally do and plan to fill it well.