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You are probably aware that teeth begin to darken as we grow older and the staining from coffee, tea and red wine also take their toll. This can be easily remedied by the use of a home whitening kit. Quite simply, your absolute dentist will take models of your teeth from which we will have trays tailor-made for you – together with the rest of the kit and simple instructions you will be able to lighten your teeth several shades and be able to maintain them too.

what is tooth whitening?
Tooth whitening using whitening gels, is a highly effective way to lighten the natural colour of teeth or to restore the colour of teeth that have become discoloured and stained.

is tooth whitening safe?
It is an established procedure in cosmetic dentistry to restore a bright white healthy smile! Under the supervision of a dentist it is safe for teeth and gums.

how does it work?
As the active ingredient in the whitening gel (Carbamide peroxide or Hydrogen peroxide) breaks down , oxygen enters the enamel and the tooth becomes lighter. The structure of the tooth remains unchanged.

at home tray whitening
Highly effective and cost effective. Carried out at home (under the supervision of your dentist) using custom made close fitting Whitening Trays. Duration of the treatment depends on the amount of whitening you require – some teeth lighten after a few days. Maximum results generally occur when the process is continued for approximately 2 weeks. Some patients may require longer to achieve the desired result – your dentist can advise you.

More Patient Information

Fillings may require replacement following treatment, as only the natural tooth enamel will lighten.
Sensitivity may occur during treatment. Many people routinely suffer from tooth sensitivity and this may be treated by use of fluoride and special pastes. Sensitivity during treatment is temporary and can be eliminated by ceasing treatment for 1-3 days, and applying these pastes or fluoride.

Older teeth usually take longer to whiten than younger teeth. There is no upper age limit for tooth whitening.

White spots and banding: White spots are visible or may appear on some teeth during whitening. Initially these may appear more visible but will fade and blend in as the tooth becomes whiter. Some teeth appear banded with different colours. Darker bands on the tooth will take longer to lighten in colour, with continued treatment these differences should appear less obvious.

It is very unusual for teeth not to lighten providing that the procedures are being followed correctly. However some teeth are more resistant to whitening – for example teeth which have been discoloured by the antibiotic Tetracycline, or teeth which are shades of grey or brown. These cases will usually respond to more prolonged treatment using whitening trays.

Results of whitening will last longer with careful maintenance…

Avoiding excessive intake of tea, coffee, red wine, tobacco etc
Use of ‘whitening’ pastes at home
Maintenance with your hygienist
The teeth will always be lighter than they once were
Some patients may wish to have a top up once or twice a year for 1-2 days


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