Bad Breath – the Elephant in the Room

Bad Breath – Do you talk about it?

25% of adults have bad breath. That is one in four.

Are you one of them?

Bad breath is a problem but not many of us want to tell the sufferer. As a result many people are unaware they suffer from the affliction and so it becomes “The Elephant in the Room”

It could be what kills the conversation in an important business meeting. It could be what ruins a magical moment on a first date, or what puts a flatmate off their breakfast.

There is a clear link between poor oral hygiene and bad breath and our team of clinicians can support people to get back on track. Our team can offer help, tips and ideas to help combat the problem and prevent it re-occurring.

Tips include;

  • Great brushing
  • Keeping mouth hydrated
  • Brushing the tongue
  • Flossing

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