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If you have a serious gum infection, known as periodontal disease, your dentist might recommend surgery.

This procedure can:

  • Remove bacteria from beneath your gums.
  • Make it easier to clean your teeth.
  • Reshape the bones that support your teeth.
  • Prevent future gum damage.

Maintaining healthy gums is important for your overall wellness. Having periodontal surgery can lower your chances of tooth loss and further gum damage.

People with severe or advanced diseases around their gums and the tissues that support their teeth are usually candidates for periodontal surgery.

There are different types of surgical options. Your dentist will determine what type of surgery or surgeries are appropriate for your specific condition.

Flap surgery

With this common procedure, surgeons make small cuts in your gum and lift a section of tissue back. Then, they remove tartar and bacteria from your tooth and from under your gums. The gums are sutured back, so the tissue fits firmly around your teeth. Once you heal, it will be easier to clean areas on your teeth and gums.

Bone grafting

If gum disease has damaged the bone surrounding your tooth root, your dentist might have to replace it with a graft. The bone graft can be made from small parts of your own bone, a synthetic bone, or donated bone. This procedure helps prevent tooth loss and may help promote natural bone regrowth.

Guided tissue regeneration

This technique involves placing a small piece of material between your bone and gum tissue to allow the bone to regrow.

Soft tissue grafts

When gums recede, a graft can help restore some of the tissue you lost. Dentists remove a small piece of tissue from the roof of your mouth or use donor tissue to attach to the areas where tissue is sparse or missing.

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  • 3 Duke Street Court
  • Bridge Street
  • Kingsbridge
  • TQ7 1HX
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