Benefits and Balance when it comes to Fruit in our Diet

An Oral Health Organisation study has revealed that almost 60% are more likely to reach for a piece of fruit than a chocolate bar.

This shows in general that we are more sugar savvy and take this into consideration when choosing our foods.

As a nation we have become more health conscious and more aware of where our food comes from and what it contains.

The government has backed this with more investment in more recent years into campaigns like the traffic light food labelling policy which has made it a lot easier for people to get a better idea of what their foods contain.

Added sugars, seen in foods like confectionary and in fizzy drinks, come with excess calories and are low in vitamins and minerals, and it is the make up of these nutrients that is the difference between feeling full and hungry.

Although fresh fruit is great for our bodies we do need to take caution when it comes to our teeth as it can contribute to acid erosion.

The recommended amount for healthy adults and children is three servings of fresh fruit per day, during meal times.

Remember to clean your teeth before breakfast (especially if fresh fruit is on the menu) and freshen up with a mouthwash afterwards.