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09 / 08 / 2021


The eleventh National Kissing Day is taking place on the 23rd June 2017.

Kissing is scientifically proven to make us feel good: it releases lots of happy hormones making us feel secure, serene and lowers your levels of stress and blood pressure. It is said that kissing someone special every day is of real benefit.

And it is also good for your oral health: increased saliva flow helps fight plaque by washing away all the nasty bacteria in your mouth and helps protect your enamel by neutralising acids.

To get your ready for the big day, here are my favourite two tips to ensure your are Absolutely kissable.
1.Get rid of bad breath!
Bad breath is mainly caused by insufficient oral care and can be really embarrassing. The bacteria in your mouth and food debris can cause a really fowl odour that you may not even be aware of.

The best way to keep your breath lovely and fresh is to clean daily between your teeth, this is where most of the bacteria will hide away; brush effectively twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste and keep your tongue clean.

Using fluoride mouthwash at different times from brushing also helps to keep minty fresh breath.

Our lovely team of dental hygienists are always available to help you achieve a really healthy happy mouth, so remember to book regular visits.

There are really lovely mints and chewing gums on the market that can help boost the freshness between meals; but remember that they need to be sugar free and aim to purchase products containing Xylitol which is particularly good for your teeth.

Also remember to keep well hydrated to maintain good saliva levels.

2) Take care of your lips!

Cracked, chapped lips can be sore and unsightly. Make sure you use a good lip balm every day; preferably with sun protection to keep your lips hydrated, protected and healthy.

Lip balm can be worn under lipstick or lip gloss and makes it last longer too.

There are even lip exfoliating products available to make sure your lips are soft and kissable.

As for technique, well…let’s just say that practice makes perfect.

So pucker up!

PS: the longest kiss ever recorded lasted over 58 hours!

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  • 3 Duke Street Court
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