Confession: I am Love Island Virgin

However in the interests of research I have managed to flick forward through a whole episode of  “Love Island the Hotlist” which  extracted the important highlights from the first week. I have also skim read a few online reviews.

For those who are equally in the dark here follows a quote from one of the broadsheets…. Love Island is not about romance and it does not pretend to be. It is about having a nice bum. We have another handful of attractive twenty-somethings wondering around a villa in their swimming costumes.

For those interested teeth are pretty “up there” too!

One particular piece of anatomy has really stood out is Jack Fincham’s blinding white teeth. Dental Centre Turkey have photos of patients they have treated including Jack.

It does indeed look like Jack has had some dental cosmetic treatment completed.








You can see the difference in the profile, shape and symmetry of the teeth. This look was most likely achieved using porcelain veneers which are used to enhance colour and shape.

Although some people like the extreme white look, (we’re looking at you, Jack!) many people prefer to whiten their own teeth under the guidance of a Dental Professional with gentle tooth whitening. This creates a beautiful natural result and along with some Bonding to modify tooth shape, can dramatically change a smile…..safely.

It avoids the destructive removal of precious tooth enamel necessary for treatment with veneers.

Most people want safe and effective treatments to enhance a natural healthy smile, reducing the likelihood of futures Dental Dramas preferring to leave all the dramas for Love Island.