Conversations In The Chair ……Questions My Patients Ask .

A great privilege of my profession is the opportunity for conversation with those I care for . My relationship with my patients is a relationship of trust. Every last one is interesting to me and I love the opportunity for a wee bit of chat when we meet.

Of course, there are the general questions that patients ask about their dental health and about treatment. Often there may be a quirky surprise thrown in as well, and as time goes by our conversations expand and progress.

The basics may include

  1. How often should I visit Absolute Dental?  Dental Health varies from person to person however visiting once or twice a year is generally recommended . This allows any problems to be picked up early. It also importantly allows opportunity for Oral Cancer Screening. And assessment of gum health and treatment and support from our wonderful Hygienist/Therapists Rachel and Christina.

2. Why do I need X-rays? Taking a set of dental X-rays helps to examine and record your mouth’s hidden areas for issues that need comparing against changes that occur between appointments. Early cavities can be detected and treated and bone levels can be monitored. Adult patients usually require bitewing X-rays every couple of years but frequency is dictated by individual needs and lifestyle this should be regularly reviewed .

3. How do I prevent Tooth Decay , Gingivitis and other Dental Disease? The best way to ensure a healthy mouth is to follow a balanced diet and visit the Dentist and Hygienist regularly – whilst maintaining your oral care routine twice a day. Common conditions such as diabetes as well as medications and certain types of chemotherapy can affect Oral Health. Protect yourself against problems that can advance quickly by having a conversation with your Dentist or Hygienist

Once answered, in my treatment room we may cover many topics as patients ask me about anything from Sea Swimming and Cycling to Knitting and Laundry … no need to ask further. Come and visit for a conversation …..