Escape to the Hills – Team Building, Absolute Style!

On Wednesday afternoon the Absolute team took on some team building activities. We took part in Adventure South’s Escape to the Hills challenge and had so much fun. 

Escape the Hills is an interactive team based puzzle challenge. It involves decoding ciphers, unlocking giant mechanical puzzles, finding hidden clues and working quickly as a team to complete all tasks and determine your map co-ordinates so that you can be “rescued” and Escape the Hills!

Think Escape Rooms, but outdoors! 

We were given 90 minutes to complete the challenge, although we allowed ourselves some extra time due to having a very pregnant Christina and a broken Rhod on crutches, following his ankle surgery last week, with us. 

We completed the challenge in just over 2 hours which we were pretty impressed with. 

We climbed hills, found codes hidden within objects to unlock padlocks, which uncovered more clues, and, much to Rachael and Emmas horror, saw some snakes. Real ones!!! 

Once we had unlocked all the clues, we had to decipher the co-ordinates of our location and alert the rescuers to our extraction point. We felt like real commandos! 

After we completed the challenge we took advantage of the beautiful sunshine to go for a dip at North Sands to cool off and Emma, Rhod and Ruthie treated us all to a drink and some chips at the Winking Prawn. 

It was a beautiful afternoon which we all really enjoyed and it was great to spend some time together outside of the practice. 

Thank you Emma and Rhod for such a lovely day, and Scott and Chris for coming up with something a bit different to sink our teeth in to. x