FA Cup 3rd Round – Dental Injury on Live TV!

I don’t generally watch sports, but I heard about a dental injury that occurred during the FA cup third round match West Ham vs Shrewsbury.
Josh Cullen unfortunately got a high boot to the face from the team captain of the opposing team which completely knocked his front tooth out. It was placed in a glass of milk, put on the bench and the 21 year old played on!

If you were to experience a similar injury, we certainly wouldn’t advise carrying on with your game – so here are a few important actions to take in the event of accidently knocking out a tooth.
1 – locate the tooth, do not pick it up the by root, instead pick it up from the crown of the tooth (the bit you can see in the mouth normally)
2- do not run it under water, rinse with milk or lick it clean
3- if you can gently replace the tooth into the socket and hold in place with a finger or gently closing your mouth, then do so
4- if it cannot be put back in, place it in a glass of milk or hold it in your mouth, just beside your cheek
5- call your regular dentist for an emergency visit. If you do not have a regular dentist call 111.

Although mouth guards aren’t usually worn in football, an incident like this makes us think if they should be mandatory for all sports? If you do wear a guard for any sport,  please make sure yours has been custom made by a registered dental lab (rather than the “mould at home” types, which are often not as good).

A custom made mouth guard from at Absolute Dental is only £55 for a clear guard – although than can be made in your team colours too – just ask! It’s a small price to keep a perfect smile.

(It may also interest you to know that our Privilege Membership includes a Dental Emergency Assistance Scheme that offers support and assistance to our patients who require treatment following a trauma such as this. It covers emergency treatment in this situation, and provides additional cover for further treatment. Ask one of the team if you would like further information.)