First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win!

A personal note from me today, nothing remotely  related to dentistry or Absolute.

Rather a dream of a young man. A young man who serves his country as a member of the Royal Navy having struggled through school with years of bullying and humiliation.

His aim was always to do the right thing and please those around him which included his career choice becoming a marine engineer on submarines .

Whilst at school he always wanted to fit in and generally this resulted in having completely the opposite effect, as he tried so hard. His biggest goal at school was to be a part of the drama group and be in the school play, which eventually he achieved. It did not get him the credibility he so wanted, but he loved every moment. He hung that dream out to dry….for a while!

Now several years later he finds himself involved once again in a production, this time a film. A film about a local man who has faced struggles. “The Legend Plays on” tells the tale of Billy Sutton, the true story of the most honoured European in Miami’s history. The story is of a grandson of a Peaky Blinder, an alcoholic, a family man, and a hero of Birmingham and Miami.

What a different journey this young man is now having from his school time memories. This time supported by a team of inspiring, creative actors, writers, and film makers  as part of a team of like minded people  who accept him for what he is, they encourage him to develop and grow and not be ashamed or hushed.

“If People Throw Stones At You, Then Pick Them Up and Build Something”

I want to give the production some promotion, the screening to be held on Sunday 29th March at Tavistock Wharf. To book tickets for the premier call the box office on  01822 611166