Great Start to my Dental Nursing Career with Absolute Dental

I began my journey at Absolute Dental the summer after I had finished sixth form at Kingsbridge Community College, when I was 18 years old. I was extremely nervous as most of my friends were off to university or going travelling, however, I wanted to get “stuck in” to a career and Dental Nursing has always been a dream of mine as I have been obsessed with teeth ever since my trips to the dentist when I was much younger!

My training with Absolute Dental has been amazing and they have been the most supportive team I could have ever wished for. There was a lot to cover in training but Diane was great and always kept me on top of everything and ensured I had full knowledge of everything I needed to know – and more! She was always there to answer my questions no matter what. As you would expect, I felt anxious about taking these exams but knowing that everyone at Absolute had faith in me and were offering help and support was just what I needed to get through it and kept me calm on the day of the exams. 

The written exam was the side of the examination process was the aspect that I was most apprehensive about – the practical examination I felt I was well prepared for because of my day to day activities at Absolute Dental. Because of this Diane and I scheduled some one to one sessions at the weekends – and I feel these were highly influential in the success that I achieved in the written paper. 

I consider myself very lucky that I had such huge support from the more experienced members of the team here, such as the qualified dental nurses, therapists and the dentists. They prepared me for the practical side of the exam by testing me on a daily basis, and also with the theory to help me with the written exam too.

Overall I found the exam process challenging but very rewarding and am glad I pushed myself to achieve the overall goal and feel that its helped me to be prepared for my future career at Absolute.