Home visits – from a Dental Therapist viewpoint

Did you know our care extends beyond our treatment rooms in Kingsbridge?

Some patients are no longer able to attend their appointments here at Absolute. So we take our care to them. Of course, we cannot take the dental chair with us!

What we can bring is warm conversation & gentle guidance. The essential part of a home visit is to ensure the patient can keep their mouth fresh & healthy. This can include training for carers; assisted tooth brushing, denture care etc.

With a head torch, I can check the gum health and soft tissues of my patient & remove plaque build-up that has been missed by the toothbrush. If I see anything of concern I can recommend a Rhod or Ruth to visit.

Another benefit of a home visit is witnessing daily restrictions e.g unable to access bathroom sink. Advice can be tailored specifically a patients needs.

It is a privilege to be invited into someone’s home & I take pleasure in having a positive impact on quality of life. A healthy mouth is a happy mouth!

Christina, Dental Therapist