Hot Weather & Dental Health

We’ve been experiencing some very hot weather in recent weeks, but did you know this could have an effect on your dental health too?

The hot weather itself has little effect on your teeth. However, how you respond to the hot weather could affect your dental health. Drinking plenty of water is important so that you stay hydrated, since being dehydrated could lower saliva production and make your mouth dry. Saliva plays a vital role in preventing dental infections. As a natural defense mechanism, saliva helps prevent plaque and bacteria build up, which in turn prevents bad breath, tooth decay, and gum disease. Saliva also helps repair and remineralise weak tooth enamel.

Water is the best source for hydration. Fizzy drinks, fruit juice, beer, and other drinks may seem very refreshing, but they contain high amounts of sugar and acids that can weaken the enamel on your teeth. If you must consume sugary drinks or snacks, then rinse your mouth with water in-between drinks and snacks to wash away the harmful chemicals from your teeth and reduce the negative effects on your oral health. Diet carbonated drinks are no better; they also contain acids that can weaken your teeth. Pass this on to your friends, and especially those who are elderly or those with young children.

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