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26 / 01 / 2021


Click the link below for a heart felt message from Rhod, thank you

Covid-19 Update. 26th March 2020 Absolute Dental
This week has been exhausting, and heartbreaking for so many, as our beautiful practice has slowly closed down and my dedicated team depleted.

This afternoon all dental practices in the UK received a message from the Chief Dental Officer instructing all dental practices to close temporarily in order to further slow the spread of the Coronavirus.

We therefore are only dealing with the most urgent of emergencies by using telephone and video calling to triage needs before being able to offer advice, analgesics and antiobiotics. Referral centres are being set up in some central locations however in this area they are not yet completed so all we can do is continue to manage your care here.

All UK Dental Practices are working under the same guidelines

We are also obviously taking calls, and messages for advice during this period. Should you need us please call: my mobile 07974392422 or contact us via live chat on homepage www.absolute-dental.co.uk

We have been inundated with calls from patients of other practices and have to unfortunately restrict our service to our membership plan and registered patients. We are also very concerned that our plan and registered patients continue to keep themselves safe and by offering this personal and individual service we will hopefully be able to ensure they do not need the services of the overloaded NHS 111.

We are obviously concerned that some patients therefore have nowhere to obtain advice and assistance, but we are confident that our service is more than up to coping with the demand and all the clinicians at Absolute are on standby to assist you.

We only expect this situation to last for a short time whilst the peak of the infection risk is occurring.

As a practice, we are still really concerned for our loyal patients, and hope that any of the problems you might have to now put on hold will be able to be dealt with very swiftly after this period of closure. To do this, we will be ensuring that we honour your continued membership of the practice and your loyalty to us in this short hiatus by prioritising any treatment that may have been delayed in this difficult period.

If you have unfortunately been made redundant at this time, please contact Practice Plan on 01691 684120 in order to discuss whether they can provide any assistance to keep your plan running to ensure you continue to be able to access our service at this challenging time.It is a benefit of membership and we encourage you to speak to them.

We are expecting to be able to resume a normal service very swiftly after this lockdown, as a team we are constantly planning and refining how this will be implemented including additional clinical days from all staff I’m sure you appreciate this is not easy for them given that our situation is constantly changing almost on an hourly basis.

My team have been utterly unbelievable throughout the last few weeks in fact for the last 19 years, since we arrived in Kingsbridge. Their support is beyond anything I could have asked for and all they want to do is look after you.

I send heartfelt thanks to you all for the faith you put in me and my practice and hope you will continue to do so. Stay in touch, your kind calls and emails this week have been
immensely appreciated.

Keep watching our social media updates as there will be some help, tips, advice and updates from all the team.
Facebook Absolute Dental @Absolutedentalcentre1 from all the team
Instagram Absolutedentalcentre
Twitter Absolute Dental @absolutedentuk

Sending you all my best and sincere wishes


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  • 3 Duke Street Court
  • Bridge Street
  • Kingsbridge
  • TQ7 1HX
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