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25 / 05 / 2023

Pearly Whites?

Our teeth and smiles are rated one of the most attractive features, and over the past few years the UK have followed American trends to have professional treatment to improve the appearance of their smile. However this can often involve some extremely invasive dental treatment that is not clinically required.

Whitening treatment has grown hugely in popularity in Britain and is a safe and effective way to brighten up your smile safely and affordably.

But what is tooth whitening, and what results can you expect?

What is tooth whitening?

Tooth whitening or bleaching is an effective and safe method of removing stains and reducing discoloration of teeth. This discoloration is caused in part by certain foods and drinks such as tea or coffee, red wine etc… As Rhod likes to say: “anything which will stain a white tee shirt will stain your teeth. Also tooth shades can naturally vary greatly from one person to another.

But please beware! Only registered dentists can carry out whitening treatment safely. There are still a lot of beauty salons and independent beauty therapists offering tooth whitening. These people are breaking the law! Their practice is illegal and extremely unsafe.

Whitening treatments

At Absolute Dental we use a home whitening system which is easy to use, affordable and safe for your precious teeth.

We will take an impression of your teeth to make two mouth guards or trays and will instruct you how to use it with a whitening gel.

Then, using your trays at home, you regularly apply the gel for a specified period of time, usually 2 to 3 weeks. Whitening is gradual and gentle and you can keep using it until you get your desired shade.

Once the initial whitening treatment is complete, you can occasionally “top up” to maintain the new shade.

Whitening treatment can occasionally cause some sensitivity; this is easily remedied by using toothpastes for sensitive teeth or by simply taking a short break in the treatment.

The reason we all love whitening at Absolute Dental is that it is safe and effective. We have seen so many of our patients really delighted with their new shades and new-found love for their smiles.

If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment please call the Absolute Team on 01548 852165 or email [email protected]

PS: Whitening treatment also makes an amazing Christmas present!!

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  • 3 Duke Street Court
  • Bridge Street
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  • TQ7 1HX
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