Summer 2018 – Too Hot to Handle!

The summer is well and truly upon us and we are basking in glorious sunshine. This may turn out to be one of the hottest summers on record which is great news for manufacturers of fans and ice cream.

Both of these things may help us to keep cool but I know which one I prefer! Make mine a double scoop Pistachio!

Some you may ask: “Why do my teeth hurt when I eat ice cream?” And this is not an uncommon question.

When the protective hard enamel is worn down or gums have receded, the result is that teeny tiny dentine tubules become exposed. Pain can be transmitted through these open tubules leading to the tooth nerve by eating or drinking cold foods and beverages, or exposing them to cold air.

Tooth sensitivity is one of the most common complaints amongst dental patients. And ice cream with it’s extremely cold temperature is something that patients will sometimes refer to. Fortunately this situation is easily remedied by brushing daily with a toothpaste designed to treat the sensitivity (it blocks off the teeny tiny open tubules), and even rubbing it directly on your sensitive tooth. Then remember to just spit out any excess, don’t rinse out! Next time you are at Absolute Dental ask your Dentist or Hygienist for advice.

Then it’s off to the  Ice Cream Parlour  for a double Pistachio!