Thinking Outside the Valentines Day Gift Box

Valentine’s Day is the time of year to get that special someone in your life that romantic gift. Most people resort to the usual flowers or chocolate. However, this year how about thinking outside the Valentine’s Day box and consider his or her teeth? Nothing spices up a night like fresh breath and glowing white teeth. So here are 4 Valentine’s gift ideas for your loved one’s teeth:

1. If you are going for Chocolate, think dark. The cocoa bean in chocolate has tannins, polyphenols and flavonoids, which are antioxidants that all benefit your mouth and teeth. They do this by preventing bacteria from sticking to your teeth, neutralizing the organisms that cause bad breath, preventing gum infections, and battling tooth decay. The antioxidants can also reduce inflammation in the body and work to prevent gum disease.

This does not happen with any chocolate, though, since the sugars added to some will offset all of these good effects. It is only dark chocolate which is the least processed and has the highest cocoa bean content that does all this good. So the higher the percentage, the better it is for your teeth.  Not only is it better for your teeth, but it may also improve your partners mood. Dark chocolate contains Theobromine, a chemical similar to caffeine.

2. Designer tooth brush holder. Your toothbrush is one of the most personal objects you own; perhaps it needs a nicer home. Nkuku (Dartington and Harbetonford) have these Moroccan cups that are unusual, but just the job! Handmade from Moroccan stoneware and hand painted, each cup could be used for serving tea or coffee, or will look perfect in the bathroom holding toothbrushes! They will think of you twice a day.

3. White teeth. What better way to say you love them but a set of sparkly white teeth? We have teamed up with Whitewash Laboratories to bring you their professional whitening system that is only worn for two 30 minutes sessions per day. After 3 days your partner will notice their teeth getting whiter and after 10-14 days they are done. Gift vouchers for this treatment are also available.

4. Peppersmith mints. Not only for fresh breath but healthy teeth as well. The London based team at Peppersmith have formulated these Xylitol mints to repair enamel damage caused by tooth erosion and they taste great! Read more about the benefits here.

Hopefully we have provided some inspiration. What better way to say I love you then helping your partner to keep a healthy sexy mouth.

(original post courtesy of Bow Lane Dental, London)