What am I missing?

What am I missing?!

When you work with people who are actually amongst your closest friends, it seems obvious to say that I am missing the the Absolute team…..but it goes so much deeper than that…..let me try and explain…

I miss the way we can make people feel. Whether this is helping them find a dentist they can trust who provides them with painless treatment; or completing treatment that the patient has wanted for long time but has only now decided to complete…and they wonder how they managed to wait so long; or the patient who turns their dental health around with the help of our team of hygienists. Everyone plays a part in this feeling, and I’m so grateful to be part of that team.

I miss the challenges that a working day throws at me, and how my colleagues offer me advice and guidance on how to work through these challenges. It takes a special team to empower you to be your best.

I miss the jokes and the camaraderie. Whether it’s a misspelt word that causes ongoing amusement, or a mis pronounced product name that is better than its actual name or simply the way we can gently laugh at one another over our packed lunches, we really do have a giggle (especially on Thursdays!).

And I miss the structure to my day. When you plan everything so meticulously down to the minute, and everyone around you is pulling in the same direction to meet those same time demands, it seems very strange to be sitting around with time on my hands!

These special people attract our lovely patients to our practice, and I miss seeing our patients too! The ones who bring beetroots from their allotment for the team, the ones who bring apples in for my horse, the ones who bring us chocolates and sherry at Christmas, and the ones who bring us a smile and make us smile every time they walk through our front door, the ones who bring stories of courage in adversity and the one side who bring us pictures of their grandchildren/puppy/holiday because they consider us to be friends, not just a dentist/nurse/hygienist/receptionist.

You see? I miss “the people”, but boy, what special people they are!