Is your smile the reason you’re single?

Three quarters of Brits are not happy with their smile; Those on Dating sites taken note!

Are you one of the many people who are looking for love?

More than 77% of Brits are not happy with thier smile was the latest result from a survey carried out by White Glo.

The main reason that those taking part gave for not being happy was stined or discoloured teeth.

The survey then described how 36% of Brits claimed they would not want to date somebody with bad teeth.

This clearly should be something all those on dating websites should be aware of as one of Uk leading dating sites states it has 3 million users…that is a lot of people who are hoping to find their perfecct love interest that might just be completly overlooked because of their smile (or lack of it).

Smiling is such an important part of life, helping to boost our mood and incerase attractiveness and shows how we feel. If a brighter smile could improve relationship experiences why are we not making more of an effort?

A smile always brightens your day.