Keeping it Clean at Summer Festivals!

Let’s face it, the summer season brings a line-up of parties like no other, but with this comes revellers with unwashed faces, bad breath, and I’m sure I’ve seen some festival loos that could be considered a biohazard. To avoid post festival flu, remember the basics. For many of you, this will be a nice little refresher course. Feel free to forward to anybody who needs to read this as a public service announcement.

  • Firstly, don’t forget your toothbrush. When you wake up, try to remember to brush your teeth first, you don’t need to queue for the bathrooms, simply find a nice patch of grass, sit down, and brush them as normal. Play a song on your phone that’s at least 2 minutes long, and use a bottle of water to rinse your toothbrush off.
  • Bring some sugar free gum or mints and carry them with you so you can freshen up after eating or drinking.
  • Travel minis of deodorant and toothpaste are affordable and practical, leaving more room in your bag for much needed libation.
  • Try swapping from beer, cider and wine to a spirit and sugar free mixer, bonus points for straws (bonus bonus points if it’s paper AND you recycle it!).
  • If you can afford the extortionate price of a shower at a festival, USE IT. We’re all jealous of you.
  • Baby wipes are a good way to keep the rest of your body cleaner throughout the day, and they’re designed for sensitive skin (but do a patch test, just in case).
  • Alternatively, you could jet off to a European festival, where they are much more practical about cleanliness and most offer showers washrooms and toilets of much better standards, and included in the ticket price.
  • After four days of self-inflicted insomnia, be sure to load up on lots of fruit and veggies to replenish your much-deprived body of the nutrients and energy its undoubtedly been drained of. Take a long shower, and get some rest.
  • Lastly, remember to keep wipes and sanitizer in your pocket so you’re toilet ready 24 hours a day, always give the loo door a kick to make sure that your selecting a useable one, and when you bump into ‘that guy’ at 4 in the morning dragging a giant teddy bear round an empty stage pit, be sure to offer him one of your mints mint. He needs it.