Oral health-related quality of life improved with orthodontics

New research has found that orthodontic treatment improves oral health-related quality of llife, with the most improvement being in emotional and social wellbeing.

The paper, co-authorised by Professor Phillip Benson, is based on a systematic review and meta-analysis of studies using patient reported outcomes before and after orthodontic treatment. The findings are highly significant for the orthodontic specialty, because until now, there has been little evidence that orthodontic treatment improves oral health-related quality of life.

” We are constantly being told by our patients that they are pleased they had their teeth straightened and that they are no longer embarressed to smile or to be photographed” said Professor Benson

Combined data from 4 studies were used to measure what people thought of their teeth, and how their dental appearance affects their life before, during and after treatment.

The data showed that the improvements were measurable in all areas of emotional and social wellbeing.

Here at Absolute, we’ve had fantastic results with our short term orthodontic treatments, and here are what some of our patients have had to say:

“The results are phenomenal and I am so pleased. I’ve had so many compliments and my daughters tell me I have such a pretty smile – the best compliment of all!”

” I would thoroughly recommend the Six Month Smile treatment. The care and attention from Rhod and the team has been perfect throughout”

“I’ve had my braces on for only 2 months and I did not expect to see such quick results!”

Here are some “before and after” pictures of some of Rhods patients who have had their orthodontic treatment with us:

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